Keeping your Home Safe from Burglars

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Keeping your Home Safe from Burglars

While burglaries aren’t usually the first thing on most homeowners minds – unless they’ve already unfortunately experienced the crime in the past – it’s essential for all homeowners to pay close attention to the security measures that they have in place to prevent break-ins and crimes from happening. Here’s a guide from the expert residential security team at DKNY Locksmith on how to keep your home safe from burglars.

Careful Plant Positioning

Try not to have tall thick bushes around the doors and windows of your home – and this goes the same for privacy fences. While these installments can give your home a sense of privacy, they can also be a boon for burglars looking for concealment methods when attempting to break into your home.

Exterior Lighting

Make sure to install high quality exterior lighting – ideally with motion activation capabilities. Position these lights near entry points of your home including the garage, porch, and basement doors. This helps you ensure that your property’s entrances will be illuminated at night time when people approach.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Try to keep expensive cars in the garage and your blinds drawn so as not to draw attention to expensive items like computers, stereos, or televisions.

Don’t Rely on Guard Dogs – Choose a strong Security System

Simply having a dog in place at your home simply isn’t enough. Unless your dog is actually trained to attack intruders, it’s not much of a guard dog. Instead of relying on a dog being present on your property to provide you with security peace of mind, have a strong security system installed at your home, in combination with strong locks.

Window Security

Make sure that your windows are shatterproof, can be locked and secured, and are even equipped with motion detector alarms that can go off in the event of a break-in in the middle of the night.

Provide the Illusion of Being Home

Put your home lights on timers – especially lights positioned near large windows. Set them up at various times to turn on at nighttime. This creates the illusion that somebody is home at various times of the night. You can also consider leaving a television on, which further cements the illusion.

The Most Important Aspect of Home Security

Make sure to have high quality, double cylinder deadbolts installed on all entrance doors of your home. Make sure that the bolts of these deadbolts extend at least two inches into the doorframe. For extra security, consider combining these deadbolts with other forms of locks in order to create a layered security palate than can provide not only high levels of physical security, but also peace of mind in knowing that your property is truly protected.

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