Common Commercial Security Threats

Common Commercial Security Threats

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Running a business is a full time job, and when business owners consider the range of security threats that pose dangers to any commercial enterprise, it can be stressful and confusing to determine what actions to take to increase security. Here’s a guide from the commercial security experts here at DKNY Locksmith as to the most common commercial security threats.

Internal Commercial Security Threats

Employee Stealing

Employee theft is a very common commercial security threat. Employees have heightened access to your property – really, more than almost anybody, and it’s necessary to make sure even trusted employees aren’t compromising the security of your property. Most companies are unaware of the threat employees pose to their security – it’s an unfortunate fact.

Security Negligence

Negligence can be caused by employers and employees both. It’s necessary that there’s oversight and clarity when it comes to the necessary security procedures, as well as enforcement of these procedures. Negligence should be easy to detect when an analysis or auditing system is in place – and we recommend management takes the necessary steps to determine whether interoffice protocol negligence is weakening the security of your commercial property.

Shoddy Security Maintenance

It’s necessary to ensure that security technology is working correctly – as this technology WILL require maintenance procedures from time to time. It’s also necessary that your security team is on top of their game in ensuring that all security protocols are being followed to the T, as well as ensuring that they are properly operating all security equipment. Make sure, as mentioned above, that it’s possible for the management of your property to audit and check up on security maintenance to ensure it’s being handled deftfully.

Proper Security Training

Your security personnel as well as other employees should require at least a base level of security training that teaches them how to properly maintain the security infrastructure of your property. This includes security procedures as well as how to operate the security technology you have in place. Remember, a piece of security technology or a security plan is only as good as its implementation.

External Commercial Security Threats

Perimeter Security

It’s essential that the perimeter of your property is protected. Some people opt for gates to protect their property. Some others prefer patrolling guards, barbed wire, guard dogs, or simply an alarm system paired with locks. Consider the potential of access control technology.

Equipment Vulnerability

Many companies leave their equipment outdoors, from cars to construction equipment, forklifts, or cherry pickers. It’s likely that at least some of this equipment is quite valuable, so it’s necessary to make sure that they are constantly secure. Simply having this equipment out in the open makes it inherently more insecure, so we recommend having measures in place to ensure this equipment is protected.

Weak Locks

You need to ensure that your property is protected with a system of paired up, high quality locks. The first step is deadbolt locks with steel bolts that extend at least a few inches into the doorframe. Add multiple locks together for increased layers of security. Weak locks can pose as much of a security risk as having no locks at all!


A commonly overlooked aspect of commercial security, the lighting around your property should keep it illuminated enough at night to protect it from burglars. Burglars want darkness to hide their criminal activities, so if the exterior of your building, and it’s entrances, are dark, it really makes it more tempting for burglars to focus on it as a target for theft. Install high quality, bright lights around your property – ideally controlled by a motion detector, however timers are a potentially good substitute.