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What can a locksmith do for me?
Locksmiths provide licensed and professional installation, repair, and maintenance service for mechanical and electronic security products including locks, keys, safes, and other hardware. DKNY Locksmith is licensed and accredited locksmith in Raleigh, we provide commercial, residential and auto locksmith services that includes lock rekeying, lock change, lock installation, lock replacement, lockout services, key duplication and more.
Why use a professionally certified locksmith?
By utilizing the services of a licensed professional locksmith, you ensure yourself a much higher level of qualified service, succesful results, and the peace of mind in knowing that the security of your property is being handled by a true professional – protected with insurance – as opposed to the unprofessional services of an amateur.
Do you provide service to Raleigh, North Carolina?
Yes, DKNY Locksmith provides lock installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout the entire Raleigh, North Carolina area. DKNY Locksmith is Raleigh, NC local locksmith.
How soon will locksmiths get to my location?
Our mobile locksmiths will be immediately sent to your location when you call, usually arriving between 15-25 minutes; however this time is contingent on location, distance, and time of day.
I’m locked outside of my home or business; can you help me?
Of course! DKNY Locksmith provides emergency lockout services around the clock?
Do you make key copies or cut keys?
Yes! DKNY Locksmith can duplicate existing keys for you, as well as cut you brand new keys from code.
Can I make a single key work for all of my locks?
Yes! This is called master-keying service, and is a very popular service that we perform – especially for commercial clients. If your property utilizes many different types of locks, we may have to replace a few of them in order to make sure that the same key can be used on all of them.
I lost my house keys – what can I do?
There’s a few things you can do – we can rekey your existing locks, or change your locks completely. If your locks are simply locked inside your home, we can help open up your door and allow you to retrieve them.
Do you cut keys from code?
Absolutely – all we need is the official information verifying that you are the true owner of the lock.
Do you install electronic or smart locks?
100%! Our electronic lock and smart key installation services is some of the most popular that we offer!
What are bump proof locks?
Bump proof locks ar especial high security locks that cannot be open with traditional lock bypassing tools. They were created with the knowledge that some criminals have obtained lock bypassing bump keys on the internet; providing resistance to this burglary technique.
What are high security locks?
High security locks have cylinders with a much larger degree of resistance power to access methods including picking, key copying, drilling, impressioning, bumping, or other types of forced entry.
Can I copy a key that’s been marked ‘Do Not Duplicate?’
You can if the key is unrestricted – however, if it is restricted, a reputable locksmith service like DKNY Locksmith will not provide duplicates of this key.
What are restricted key systems?
Restricted key systems are meant to prevent the copying of keys by unauthorized individuals. Restricted key sets can only be purchased from the locksmith that installed the key system, and can only be copied by the individual who set it up, or those authorized by this individual?
Why not try installing lock hardware by myself?
Lock operations should best be handled by licensed professionals. Most off-the-shelf consumer lock products are of inferior quality – meaning that we at DKNY Locksmith carry far superior products. Additionally, by working with us, you gain the benefit of ensuring that your lock service will be performed with accuracy, as opposed to the likelihood of damaging locks that comes along with amateur attempts at lock installation, repair, or maintenance.
My lock is not turning in the lock or cannot be inserted into the lock. What do I do?
First, try spraying the lock with an oil like WD-40. Wipe off excess drip, and spray some more WD-40 into the keyhole, and onto the bolt mechanism. Activate and deactivate the bolt to allow the oil to move into the lock mechanism, and try inserting and turning the key again – it should work much better.
I just tried using the WD-40 method but the key is still not turning properly. What do I do? 2019-04-10T18:00:42+00:00
If the above method didn’t work, it’s likely an issue with the door or doorframe’s alignment. See if there’s anything obstructing motion at the door’s threshold or jamb, and see if the door or it’s frame is twisted or warping at all. The door should fully rest flush against the doorstop and remain there. If the door is only resting against the door’s frame at the top or bottom, the doorframe is probably twisted. If the door springs open automatically, the hinges are probably binding too much. Be aware that weather stripping can potentially obstruct the door’s path. Additionally, be aware that extremely cold or warm weather can create warping or swelling with doors.
Why does my lock only work when I jiggle my keys in it?
As time goes on, a lock cylinder’s pins wear down, forcing keys to stick, and making it so that they only work when they are jiggled. This happens especially with keys that have been copied multiple times; copies of copies usually have slight distortions that when coupled with the typical amount of pin wear that occurs over time, can cause a lowering of your lock’s functionality?
Can you replace my deadbolt lock?
Yes! Deadbolt locks are some of the most essential pieces of security hardware that you can install at your property. We will likely need to drill a new hole for the deadbolt, and align the deadbolt to be on the same axis on the door frame.
Do you service mailbox locks?
Yes, we do! DKNY Locksmith can install, repair, or provide maintenance service for all forms of mailbox locks.
I just moved into a new home – do I need to rekey my locks!
Yes, this is seriously important! You never know if any of the previous clients of your building still have working keys, and in order to avoid an unwanted house visitor, you will need to make sure that only your keys will work on your locks.
Do you provide emergency locksmith service?
Yes, DKNY Locksmith provides direct-to-location emergency door unlocking, key replacement, and lock repair service!
I locked my keys inside my car. Can you help?
Yes, DKNY Locksmith provides direct-to-location automotive unlocking service.
How long does it take to unlock my car doors?
This service usually takes around 5 minutes, however it may take longer if your car is antique or exotic, or if you have unique high security locks installed?
Will unlocking my car doors damage my car?
No. Our locksmiths are trained to provide car door unlocking service that won’t damage the workings of your car.
Can you open deadlocked cars?
Some car brands like BMW, Ford, or Land Rover have deadlocked doors, and we understand the usual deadlock bypassing technique, so this should be no problem for us!
Why are car keys so expensive to create?
The majority of vehicles today utilize anti theft technology called transponders that work with electronic fobs. In order to successfully program these keys, locksmiths have to make an investment in the proper parts, key code subscriptions, machines, and equipment.
Do you have to go to the automotive dealer to copy or replace car keys?
Usually not. DKNY Locksmith can duplicate the vast majority of car keys on today’s markets. However, some of the newest cars have not had the key codes released to locksmiths yet – so these will prove to be a bit difficult, but rest assured that DKNY Locksmith can most definitely easily copy or replace your car key.
How do I get the key code for lost car keys?
You should only have access to this key code if you are the original purchaser of the car keys; it should be written on the original bill of sale that you were given – and if not, the car dealership will have it. There’s a chance that it’s written on the cover of your car’s owner’s manual. It can save you money.
Will my car insurance cover the cost of my roadside assistance or car door unlocking service?
Yes, as long as roadside assistance is a service on your car insurance policy.
What is the difference between rekeying and lock changing?
Rekeying will change the internal cylinder on your locks, rendering previous keys unusable, and providing you with a brand new set of keys to use for the lock. Lock changes are a total replacement of the entirety of the lock mechanism, and is a measure often taken when locks are beyond repair, or considered inherently insecure.
Can you cut car keys for me?
Yes we do, however in order for us to properly program transponder keys for your vehicle, we will require official documentation proving that you are the owner of the vehicle.
Can I purchase lock opening tools?
No – these tools are restricted to purchase for only locksmith professionals.

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