Fixes for Car Keys Stuck In Ignition

In this blog entry, the professional Raleigh automotive locksmith team here at DKNY Locksmith Raleigh will detail the best steps to take for fixes if your car key ever gets stuck inside your ignition.

Is your gear neutral or park?

Yoru keys only come out of your ignition when your car gear is in neutral or park position. This might not be an issue for cars with automatic transmission, but can be an issue for cars with manual transmission. If your car keys are stuck in your ignition, ensure that your gear shifter is in park position. Try shaking the gear selector to ensure it’s firmly in place and then try to turn the key and slide it out of the ignition.

Is your steering lock activated?

Check to see that your steering lock isn’t turned on, which would block you from turning your wheel or removing your key from the ignition. Try turning the key and jiggling the steering at the same time – this might make your key get loose from the ignition.

Is your key worn out?

Over time, all car keys get worn out from simple wear and tear. Even if your car key is just slightly chipped or bent, it can be very hard to remove it from your ignition. If this is the case, contact our Raleigh automotive key replacement team for car key replacement service.

Is the car key dirty?

Check to see there’s no grime or dirt caked onto the car key that is preventing it from leaving the ignition. Try cleaning your key with a soft damp cloth and rubbing alcohol/

Are you experiencing ignition cylinder issues?

Just like your car keys, your ignition lock cylinder experiences degradation from regular use over time. If your ignition cylinder is faulty, you might not be able to remove your car key due to the key pins that then get stuck against the key cuts. Don’t try to force the key out – contact a professional locksmith for assistance with removing the key from the ignition lock cylinder.