Interior Door Lock FAQ

In this blog entry, the professional Raleigh lock installation and Raleigh residential locksmith service team here at DKNY Locksmith will detail the most commonly asked questions that our professional lock and key team gets asked regarding interior door locks.

What sort of security role do interior doors play?

Interior doors, in fact, aren’t really constructed to provide robust security. For the most part, interior doors are made of hollow core construction, meaning that they are very delicate and can break open regardless of what level of strength their lock is. However, interior doors are mostly meant for fire safety and other uses besides security.


 What type of door locks should I place on interior doors?

 The majority of people do not consider security when installing interior door locks. However, the majority of people take care to consider the style of their interior door lock, including its finish, style, and color. if you don’t have a solid core interior door, it’s not really worth your time replacing your interior door knob with a deadbolt lock. However, fighting interior door locks that match your interior decoration Aesthetics might be a good choice. We recommend choosing between push button privacy door knobs, and  lever style door handles.


 Are push button door locks a good choice for inside doors?

Push button door locks are a good choice for interior doors. They allow interior doors to be easily locked and opened by turning knob or handle. These locks have a locking mechanism only on one side of the interior door, which can cause people to get accidentally locked out. However, it can be very easy to unlock doors without keyholes when you get locked out. 


Do you recommend using a swing bar or chain door guard for interior doors?

These locks only can be operated when you’re inside a room. If you are concerned about intruders coming in when you’re sleeping, we recommend getting an interior door with a solid core. These locks can be bypassed with techniques that leave no signs of forced entry.


What brand makes the best interior door locks?

We generally recommend interior door locks made by leading brands like Baldwin, Schlage, or Kwikset. However, the team here at DKNY Locksmith will be glad to provide our custom attention and expertise to your process of design  best interior door locks for your Raleigh residential or commercial property


Do I need to change interior door locks when moving to a brand new property?

We recommend changing the locks – or rekeying – all keyed locks in and outside of your property after you move in, as you can never be too cautious with protecting yourself from strangers who may have the keys matching your new property’s locks in their possession. However, unless you don’t like the design or aesthetic of your non-keyed interior door locks, we don’t recommend replacing them.