Signs of Forced Entry (or Forced Entry Attempts) at your Home or Business

How can you tell if your house is the target of a burglar? How can you tell if someone has attempted and failed – or even succeeded – with breaking into your home? In this blog entry the Raleigh high security lock installation and Raleigh emergency locksmith service team here at DKNY Locksmith will detail the main signs of a forced entry.

What are some of the main signs that your home has been targeted for potential burglary or break-in by criminals?

We recommend keeping an eye out for any of the following signs. Be extremely cautious if you notice any, especially if you notice more than one:

  1. Strangers staring at your home
  2. Vehicles idling in front of your home
  3. Strangers asking to come inside your home
  4. People taking pictures of your home
  5. Broken windows
  6. Sudden landline calls
  7. Damaged alarms
  8. Moving trucks idling by your home
  9. Nearby robberies
  10. Gate opening by itself
  11. Moved patio furniture 
  12. Flashlights on or in front / in back of your property


What are some signs that your home has been attempted to get broken into with brute force?

  1. Scratches on your locks that suddenly appear
  2. Broken elements of your front door
  3. Broken parts of your window
  4. Locks that suddenly malfunction
  5. Objects inside your home – especially expensive equipment or tools – suddenly gone missing


How can you tell if your video doorbell was tampered with?

Good news – the majority of video doorbells have special tamper-proof detection systems that automatically notify you if the device has been tampered with


How can I tell if my door has been tampered with?

Signs of door tampering include damage around the door hinges or damage around the door locks. We recommend looking closely at your lock for even subtle scratches, as this is likely caused by lock picking attempts.