Locked Keys Inside Cars – Easy Solutions

 In this blog entry, the professional Raleigh, North Carolina automotive locksmith service and Raleigh emergency car lockout service team here at DKNY Locksmith Raleigh will detail some excellent tips for getting your transponder key out of a locked vehicle.

Slim Jims

A very common method for getting your key out of a locked car is by using a slim jim. Slim Jims are inserted into the car window or car door and are used to manipulate the lock mechanism to unlock the car door. Slim Jims can work very successfully, however they are only worth trying to use sometimes as quite often they actually cause serious damage to the lock mechanism.


Coat Hangers

 A popular but amateur method for unlocking car doors is the use of a coat hanger. This involves creating a hook out of the coat hanger and sliding it through the car door car window until it can reach the lock mechanism and manipulate it in order to unlock the door. Similar to slim jims, coat hangers are only sometimes recommended to use as they can also cause damage to the car lock mechanism.


Other Transponder Keys

 If you can access a different kind of unlocked vehicle, it’s possible to use its transponder key to open your locked car. hold the other car’s transponder, keep close to your locked car doors handle and press the key fob button. this might cause your locked car to unlock, however, this is a very slight chance. 


Locksmith Assistance

Try contacting a professional automotive locksmith service. This is the best possible way that you can unlock your car in an efficient manner. Professional Automotive locksmiths have all the right tools and necessary experience to get into any form of vehicle regardless of its lock type.


Mobile Locksmith Benefits

One of the major benefits of using a mobile automotive locksmith is that they travel direct you to your location, arriving in a simple matter of minutes in order to provide you instant solutions to your lockout predicament. All that you’ll need to do is provide them with your car’s particular make and model, as well as Proof that you are the car owner and they will rapidly unlock your car door for you. using one of these unlocking methods you can easily retrieve your transponder key from your vehicle. Just make sure to be very careful if you’re going to attempt one of the first two methods, as they can damage car locks. We want to stress that it’s a far better choice to contact a professional automotive locksmith team to assist you with what you need.