Guide to Hiding Spare Keys

In this blog entry, the Raleigh residential lock repair and residential lock installation service experts here at DKNY Locksmith will detail the absolute best places to hide spare keys – and where you should never, ever, try to hide them.

Worst Locations to Hide Spare Keys

Never hide your spare keys in your purse or your wallet. If a thief steals your purse or wallet, they can easily gain access to your property. Never hide spare keys near your front door, or within a planter pot. Trust us, thieves know about these hiding places. They are pretty standard. You should never hide spare keys at any location near your front door, as these are some of the first places that thieves will look. Never keep your spare keys within your automobile – as this can cause major inconvenience if you ever get locked out of your car (and sort of defeats the total purpose of spare keys.) Lastly, similar to planters or front doors, never hide your spare key under your front door welcome mat.

Best Locations to Hide Spare Keys

Magnetic Lock Boxes

Try installing a magnetic lock box underneath your car. It’s unlikely burglars will look here for a spare key, and since it is locked, your keys will remain secure.

Trusted Key Holders

Try giving your spare key to a trusted friend, neighbor or family member. This will provide you the added security of knowing that your key is in the safe possession of someone you trust – and provides you a fail safe method of accessing your property if you lock your keys inside or misplace them.


Keep an extra key locked away in a safe or safety deposit box. Just make sure to memorize the code so that you can quickly access your spare key as soon as you need it.

Dog House

Thieves are scared of dogs Рthis is a law of nature. A dog house is the absolute last place that burglars will look for a spare key. Burglars and guard dogs are enemies, after all! Find a secure and discrete location in or under your dog house in which to hide your spare keys Рyour dog will trust and smell your scent, so there’s no reason to worry about doing this.