Protecting your Business Against Theft

Theft represents one of the biggest material risks for businesses, ranging from the possibility of employees stealing from you, to classic forms of breaking-and-entering burglary. Here’s a guide from the commercial lock installation experts at DKNY Locksmith on the best ways that you can protect your business against theft.

Security Measures for Employees

Make sure to protect your personal items when you are at work, including your backpack, keys, wallet, etc… Either carry them on your body or keep them locked up inside a closet or desk. If you see a stranger wandering around your office ask who they are, and ensure office policies regarding visitors are being followed. Try not to discuss personal plans about vacations with strangers – or even clients or visitors – as it’s also unprofessional, nto to mention not secure. Try to avoid dark stairwells or parking lots, especially when working late – and when you do so, try to tell someone where you are and when you’re planning on leaving. Never let a stranger enter your office after your business is shut down for the day.  

Security Measures for Managers

Make sure to perform background checks on all people before hiring them, and screen employees before granting them access to high security operations. Make sure to conduct security audits periodically through a security company in order to identify any potential security flaws that could leave you vulnerable. Install strong access control technology to make sure strangers can’t enter sensitive areas – this may include badge or fingerprint scanners, intercoms, and buzzers. Consider installing high quality CCTV camera systems, either analog or digital varieties – we prefer digital, as it allows you to more easily review footage. Consider training your employees in security protocol to ensure they know how to address all and any forms of security issues.  

Security Measures for Business Owners

Make sure that all exterior doors of your business are protected by a high quality deadbolt – and that all windows are securely locked. We highly recommend installing high security locks and smart access control systems with security bypass capabilities. Install motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of your building to reduce darkness, as well as constant lighting near access points. Make sure to place some CCTV cameras outdoors in both hidden areas as well as obvious areas, so that they may serve as a deterrent to prevent burglars from even attempting a break in in the first place.