Underrated Areas for Residential Lock Placement

Most people only think about having locks installed on main entrances, and while this is absolutely an essential security tactic, there’s many other places in one’s home to smartly install locks; the action of doing so greatly increasing your security. Here’s a guide to 5 underrated areas of your home to place locks that will exponentially increase both your safety, and peace of mind – as prepared by the residential lock and security experts here at DKNY Locksmith


Most people already have a doorknob lock in their bedroom to enforce privacy if they want some. However, bedroom locks are actually way more important than this – as bedrooms can serve as a fantastic safe room in case a home invasion occurs. We recommend upgrading the locks on your bedrooms – and upgrade at least one of them with a high quality deadbolt – in order to create a safe area if you ever need it.  


Similar to bedroom doors, bathroom doors, when securely locked, can provide valuable safety in the event of a burglary or break in. Make sure to install a high quality deadbolt on at least one of your bathroom doors – if anything else, just for peace of mind in knowing that it’s an option.  


We recommend buying a fire and tamper proof safe – ideally a floor safe or wall safe that’s installed into the structure of your home itself. Freestanding safes can also be quite secure, especially if they are very weighty, as it’s unlikely a burglar will attempt to take the time to move it. Make sure that your valuables including jewelry, firearms, banking documents, birth certificates, and other items are always securely placed inside your safe.  

Filing Cabinets and Desks

Whether you run a business out of your home, or have documents, CDs, USB Drives, or files that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands, a locking filing cabinet is a fantastic thing to purchase. Identity theft and data theft are major issues in today’s time, and all it takes is access to an unlocked filing cabinet for a crafty burglar to quickly grab all they need in order to steal your identity or valuable information. It’s especially important for business owners who carry data on employees or clients to ensure that these documents are secure, as you could be held liable in the event of this information being stolen.