Detecting Residential Security Flaws

A truly safe and secure home is made through the layering of multiple security factors in order to create a holistic approach to total home security. However, as proven by Isaac Newton, sometimes complicated and tightly wound systems of preventative safety measures can fail – so it’s important to learn how to detect flaws in your residential security infrastructure. Here’s a guide to detecting residential security flaws, as prepared by the experts here at DKNY Locksmith.

Garage Door Windows

Burglars can easily steal possessions from your garage without even needing to break into your home. Garage doors with windows are extra vulnerable – so we recommend replacing your garage door with one that doesn’t have a window. If you cannot do this, make sure to have your garage door windows reinforced with metal bars as a deterrent.

Pet Doors

Pet doors, when they are big enough, can allow for a committed burglar to squeeze into your home, or at least reach an arm with an extendable tool through to unlock your door. If you must have a pet door, try to install a locking latch on it that you can secure at night. Consider installing an electronic pet door that uses a chip in your pet’s collar as a key.

Hidden House Keys

NEVER hide your house keys underneath items outside your home. This includes doormats, rocks, planters, and mailboxes. Rather, give your keys to a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member.

Easily Spotted Valuebles

Never leave expensive items in the easy line of sight of passersby. Redecorate your home so your valuables will be harder to notice from outside your house. Consider planting large bushes in front of your window that will help prevent tempting burglars.

Automatic Outdoor Lighting

We recommend installing outdoor motion activated lights – they will automatically illuminate the moment somebody comes in range of your house.