Car Key Related Security Tips

When people think about necessary security measurements to implement in order to protect their property, they usually think about residential or commercial security. However, there’s a number of security measures that should be taken in order to protect your cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles! Here’s a guide to some fantastic car key related security tips, as prepared by the automotive locksmith experts here at DKNY Locksmith.

Keys in Hands

It’s a big mistake to walk to your car while fumbling for your car keys in your purse, backpack, or bag – as while you’re distracted, a criminal can strike. Make sure to have your car keys ready in hand as you approach your car – much less, have the correct key right in your hand. Hold it securely – make sure not to drop it, especially while you’re next to your vehicle.

Locking your Vehicle

Make sure to lock your car when you exit it. Make sure to also keep your vehicle locked while you’re sitting inside it, even if it’s during the day time and you’re in a safe area. This prevents potential car thieves from gaining easy access to your vehicle.

Regularly Replace your Key Fob Battery

If your car keys operate with a key fob, you want to make sure it’s always equipped with fresh, fully operational batteries that can allow your car to instantly respond to the signal that you send it. Pressing the button on your remote key when the batteries are low or empty won’t do anything, leaving you stranded outside of your vehicle. Make sure to always keep replacement batteries for your key fob on hand, and replace low batteries as soon as possible. Try to change the batteries once you’ve returned to a safe place like your home, job, or a public space if at all possible.