Security Tips for College Students

It’s October, and college students are back at school – a time of year associated with a combined obligation to crack the books, and a busy social calendar of seeing the school friends you’ve been away from all Summer. Here’s a guide from DKNY Locksmith on some essential college security measures for students to take, in order to stay safe while they are back at school.

Don’t Leave Doors Unlocked

Make sure to always leave your doors locked. Use locks for your dormitory doors, and even lockers! If you can, make sure to have your dorm locks changed when you move into a new dorm.  

Have Campus Security’s Number

Make sure to have the phone number for your campus security, police force, and medical staff programmed directly into your phone.  

Stay off your phone when walking home at night

You’re likely going to be spending alot of time walking around campus at night between locations. Try to stay off your phone as you’re walking, as you become more vulnerable when you’re distracted – not to mention the fact that you shouldn’t be advertising your electronic valuables to passersby.  

Announce Plans to Friends

Let your friends know if you’re going downtown for a trip or leaving to do something in the middle of the night. It’s best to be accountable to at least one person in your area so that they can look for you if you don’t return at an expected time.  

Keep Emergency Funds on Hand

Keep emergency cash on hand – you never know when you’ll need to pay for a taxi, water, gas, or other transportation. You might not always be able to use a credit or debit card or an ATM – so always keep a certain amount of emergency cash on your body.  

Don’t Take Drinks from Strangers

Avoid the risk of spiked drinks by refusing to accept open drinks from strangers. It’s a good idea to stick to drinking drinks that come inside cans or bottles.  

Self Defense Prep

Carry a can of mace, a whistle, or a taser. Consider taking a self defense class, whether it’s a martial art or something a little more basic. You want to be confident in your ability to protect yourself if you have to.

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