Pool Security

Enjoying a refreshing dip in your home’s pool is one of the most simple magnificent pleasures of the Summer. While pools represent one of the most carefree and casual ways to have fun during these hot months, they also require a modicum of security and safety in order to be safe for home use – especially when we’re talking families with small children or pets. Here’s a guide to pool security tips, as prepared by the lock installation experts here at DKNY Locksmith.

Pool Fences

  • Make sure to invest in a high quality pool fence that secures the area of the pool, preventing children and pets from getting into the pool without permission.
  • We recommend a pool fence that’s a high enough to make climbing as hard as possible for small children.
  • Get a self locking pool gate.
  • There shouldn’t be any empty spaces or loose boards in your pool fence or wall that small children or pets can slip through. 
  • Make sure to inspect your pool fence or gate to determine if you need to be implementing any additional security measures.
  • Even if your backyard already has an exterior fence, you should still build a fence around your pool.
  • Make sure to erect a gate that’s sturdy enough that it can’t be kicked through.
  • A good place to start is a gate that’s at least 4 feet tall.

Pool Fence Security Improvements

Make sure that your pool fence is protected with a padlock, and that your pool fence is well maintained. We recommend utilizing an automatic or magnetic lock so that the gate automatically locks behind you, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it locked. Pool gate latches can help make entering the pool area simple – as well as keyless deadbolt locks, which are always a good idea.  

  • Consider installing a safety alarm that will sound when someone tries to open the gate around the pool, which can notify you if a child enters the pool area unattended.
  • Consider a smart alarm system that can text you real-time notifications for ultimate safety.