5 Main Kinds of Car Keys

In this blog entry, the expert Raleigh automotive locksmith and transponder key replacement team here at DKNY Locksmith will detail the 5 main kinds of car keys that we see on the market today.

Traditional Car Keys

This is the oldest type of car key. traditional car keys are not used that often these days. People who collect old and vintage cars might be the only people who use a traditional car key today. When cars are submitted to car shows, older vehicles need to have as much original material and accessories as possible, including the traditional key. Replacing an original traditional key for your car will depend on the specific car make, model, and year of your vehicle. Traditional car keys are not usually asked for during car key replacement service. Traditional car keys have basically been phased out of use due to newer technology like transponder radio signals.

Transponder Car Key

 Transponder car keys were invented and utilized in order to lower the amount of car theft in the United states. After its invention, transponder technology found fantastic levels of success. Since transponder Keys have been widely implemented in the automotive industry, they have become the most popular and dominant form of car key in the market today. The technology that’s used in transponder Keys has been used in other types of car keys, as well as other forms of technology, and can be considered the first wave of a chain of modern and useful technology utilized in car keys. Transponder Keys have a great ability to reduce Automotive theft because of their chip key technology. In transponder keys, a special chip is located within the head of the key. This chip sends messages to a receiver that’s housed within the vehicle dashboard. Once this receiver verifies that the signal transmitted by the key matches its internal data, it removes its ignition lock, allowing the key to turn and the engine to turn on. This transponder key technology is used in other forms of car keys today like switchblade keys and remote head keys.

Remote Head Keys

 remote head keys are very similar to transponder keys, with a matching technological design. The main difference between remote head keys and transponder keys are the few buttons that are located within the head of the key. These buttons can operate like a key fob that allows you to control the locks, alarm, and trunk of your vehicle. These buttons are usually found on a key fob, and matched with the transponder key. however with remote head keys, these two design elements are combined into a single piece as soon as you receive it.

Switchblade Keys

 Switchblade keys look like remote head Keys much more than they look like transponder keys. switchblade Keys have buttons located on the key head. The main difference between a switchblade key and a remote head key or a transponder key, is that the keyblade folds up directly into the head of a key like a switchblade knife. This feature is the reason that switchblade keys were bestowed with their unique name. The same technology that is used in transponder keys is utilized within switchblade keys. specialty cars often come with switchblade keys, which can be considered a luxury element.

Smart Keys

Smart keys don’t use the Same technology as transponder keys, but perform a similar function. Smart Keys usually have a broad array of settings based on their design, including an ability to control mirror positions, seat positions, the height of your steering wheel, your radio, and much more. Smart Keys often do not have any keyblades, since the vehicle in question will use a push button in order to start the vehicle engine. Smart keys are one of the most recently designed and modern forms of car keys today. Smart Keys offer fantastic levels of convenience NDS for drivers. Smart Keys work through a series of antennas that are directly built into the vehicle. Once these antennas detect the nearby presence of the smart key, they allow the driver to enter the vehicle as well as start its engine. When the driver is approaching the vehicle, the smart key will automatically unlock the car door, and lock them as the driver walks away from the car. The special features included in a smart key offer fantastic levels of convenience for drivers.

DKNY Locksmith provides car key replacement services for all manner of car makes, models, brands, and designs on the market today – coming directly to your location to provide you a brand new car key cut to code and programmed to match your vehicle in a simple matter of minutes.