Solutions for Broken Door Locks

In this blog entry, our professional Raleigh lock repair and Raleigh emergency locksmith service team here at DKNY Locksmith Raleigh will detail some expert solutions for broken door locks.

Professional door lock repair

 Contact a professional locksmith if you are concerned about your home security and safety due to your broken lock. It’s also a good idea to contact a professional locksmith if you find that you’ve lost your keys and want to rekey your locks. our professional locksmith team is certified and highly trained, allowing us to safely provide a wide range of locksmith services including lock repair, lock installation, reeking, broken key extraction, and emergency lockout services

Lock cylinder replacement

 Sometimes having a broken lock might require full replacement of your lock cylinder. replacing your lock cylinder can provide a solution for serious damage or where on your locks. Lock cylinder replacement is usually warranted when a key is stuck inside the lock, when the lock has broken pins or tumblers, or when the lock is so old that it is beyond the possibility of repair. There are many different types of lock cylinders including wafer tumbler locks and pin tumblers. ask our professional locksmith team if your lock cylinder will be able to be effectively replaced.

High security lock upgrades

 We often recommend that clients that have older or malfunctioning locks upgrade their locks with a new model of high security lock. Today’s high security locks have special construction that allows them to be protected against picking, drilling, and bumping attacks. They have advanced features like special unique key ways, hard and steel, and complicated pin systems that cannot be picked. it is absolutely essential that all high security locks are installed by a professional, as poorly installed locks will provide poor security, even if the lock itself is well constructed

 Smart Lock installation

 We often additionally recommend that our clients install Smart locks in order to secure their homes or businesses. Today’s smart locks come with a range of fantastic features and benefits including remote access via smartphone, temporary access passwords, and real-time security alerts. smart locks eliminate the need to carry physical keys that can easily be lost or copied. Smart Lock systems be integrated into a broader smart home or Smart Security system, and keep a detailed audit list of all entry attempts, allowing you a security framework and safety net in the event of a potential break-in

 Lock maintenance

 We recommend routinely cleaning and lubricating your locks in order to prevent damage and corrosion of the lock mechanics. make sure to inspect your lock for any loose screws, and tighten them if you find any. Additionally, make sure to educate all members of your household or business about security protocol –  Keys should never be left unattended, access codes should never be shared with strangers, and all visitors to your property should be verified before they are granted access.