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Residential Security Mistakes

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Innocent mistakes or overlooked phenomenon can make your home an easy target for burglary – and unfortunately, all it takes is one single mistake for your home to be ransacked. However, the good news is that it’s not too difficult for regular people to get the hang of all the essential home security tactics; in … Continue reading Residential Security Mistakes

Detecting Residential Security Flaws

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A truly safe and secure home is made through the layering of multiple security factors in order to create a holistic approach to total home security. However, as proven by Isaac Newton, sometimes complicated and tightly wound systems of preventative safety measures can fail – so it’s important to learn how to detect flaws in … Continue reading Detecting Residential Security Flaws

Underrated Areas for Residential Lock Placement

Securing Home Windows

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Windows are one of the most common ways that burglars break into homes. The majority of window locking systems, especially those in older homes, were not meant to additionally protect from environmental incursions – so if you take your residential security seriously, you need to learn how to secure your home’s windows. Here’s a guide … Continue reading Securing Home Windows