What to Know About Lock Picking

In this blog entry, the Raleigh high security lock installation and Raleigh commercial locksmith experts here at DKNY Locksmith Raleigh will detail the most important things to know about lock picking.

  • Lock Picking is Actually Quite Easy – Lock picking, while not understood by most people, is actually not a difficult process. Professionals can usually use lock picking to open a lock in just a few minutes – and unfortunately this also includes skilled bugalars. Lock picking involves the manipulation and application of pressure to key pins and driver pins to make them align along the lock’s shear line. Then a key is inserted and pins are lifted to the specific necessary height to pick the lock.
  • Lock Picking Kits– Professional locksmiths use special lock picking kits to safely pick locks. There’s both basic and specialized lock picking kits available, all of which usually include special tools like rakes to manually open locks.
  • Most Locks Can Be Picked– The majority of locks can easily be picked with a lock pick set. Pin tumbler locks are very affordable and easy to use, however they are often vulnerable to lock picking. We recommend upgrading pin tumbler lock sets that are installed on doors that can be accessed from the exterior of your property.
  • Lock Pickers Do Require Finesse – In order to be skilled at key picking, you will need special finesse and tactile skills to detect when specific pins require manipulation.
  • Lock Picking Time Depends on Skill– Professional locksmiths or criminals can pick a lock in a matter of minutes, but the average person might struggle to pick a lock over the course of hours. This is especially the case with high security locks. That’s why we recommend you call our professional Raleigh lockout service when you get locked outside of your property, rather than order a lock picking kit and attempt to pick your own locks yourself.
  • Locksmiths Require Licensing– Locksmiths have to register in most of the States of the USA, and generally have to hold special licenses that are granted after a series of verification steps that ensure a locksmith’s trustworthiness. Picking locks without proper legal authorization is actually technically illegal.