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Keyless Entry Pros and Cons

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Keyless entry technology has revolutionized home security, allowing homeowners unparalleled levels of control and convenience when it comes to their home entrance. Here’s a guide from the residential locksmith experts here at DKNY Locksmith on the pros and cons of residential keyless entry.

Pool Security

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Enjoying a refreshing dip in your home’s pool is one of the most simple magnificent pleasures of the Summer. While pools represent one of the most carefree and casual ways to have fun during these hot months, they also require a modicum of security and safety in order to be safe for home use – especially when we’re talking families with small children or pets. Here’s a guide to pool security tips, as prepared by the lock installation experts here at DKNY Locksmith.

Moving Security Tips

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Moving to a new home is exciting – but also associated with a whole range of security issues. Intelligent burglars understand how they can exploit a moving situation, as households or businesses experiencing the transition of moving are often vulnerable to crime. Here’s a guide from the residential security experts here at DKNY Locksmith on some security tips for when you’re moving.

Protecting your Business Against Theft

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Theft represents one of the biggest material risks for businesses, ranging from the possibility of employees stealing from you, to classic forms of breaking-and-entering burglary. Here’s a guide from the commercial lock installation experts at DKNY Locksmith on the best ways that you can protect your business against theft.

Available Products and Capabilities of a Monitored Alarm System

What constitutes a monitored alarm system?

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There’s massive security advantages associated with the use of monitored alarm systems rather than non-monitored alarm varieties. In this blog post, as prepared by the residential and commercial security experts here at DKNY Locksmith, we will provide details as to the definition, and distinct security advantages of a monitored alarm system.