Benefits of Raleigh Access Control Installation

In this blog entry, the Raleigh access control system installation and Raleigh lock installation team here at DKNY Locksmith will detail some of the reasons that hands-free access control is more popular than ever in 2022. 

Low Touch Mechanical Access Control

There’s a few fantastic options for easy installation mechanical access control solutions that, through smart design, reduce the potential spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Some examples of this low touch mechanical access control includes foot and arm pulls that allow you to easily open doors using feet or forearms, keeping germs off hands. This hardware is easily installed. Another option is cheap, easily-found hooks that can be attached to your keyrings that allow you to open doors without physically touching it.

Germ Resistant Access Control Hardware

There’s forms of germ free hardware that utilize copper and silver antimicrobial features to operate with a germ-killing alloy based coating that automatically kills bacteria and viruses – and prevents them from reproducing. This hardware is more easily found in schools, hospitals, museums, or other high-traffic areas. This material can also be substituted with germ-fighting adhesive wrap that is more affordable and easy to apply yourself.

Hands Free Access Control Devices

There’s also a range of fantastic hands free access control devices on the market today like automatic door openers. When using automatic door openers, you may have to press a button in order to exit – but with hands-free automatic door openers, all you’ll have to do is wave your hand in front of a “wave to open” switch. This hardware can operate – when combined with surveillance cameras – to create a fantastic and versatile option for hands-free security – and can even be used with proximity card readers that enforce credential presentation before entering. Other more modern forms of hands free access control devices include smart devices similar to modern subway token entrance systems that allow you to simply wave or use your cellphone as an access credential.