Benefits of Smart CCTV Systems

Here’s a guide to the benefits of installing smart home CCTV technology to protect your home or business, as prepared by the commercial security hardware and commercial lock installation team here at DKNY Locksmith.

Access Convenience

Smart CCTV technology can be accessed with any smartphone. This allows you to remotely check what’s going on from a location anywhere in the world. Some smart CCTV systems have search integration allowing the system to identify whenever activity was detected by the camera, making it much easier to review footage. Modern CCTV cameras have notification abilities, high definition video capturing, and much more.


Crime Deterrent Factors

Many criminals try to focus on homes they see as easy targets. Cocnequrnly they often forgo trying to break into homes with CCTV systems. If you have one – or better, more – CCTV cameras pointing towards a door, many burglars will be discouraged by the cameras visual deterrent factor, and avoid attempting the burglary in the first place.


24/7 Protection

With CCTV cameras, you don’t need to worry about turning them on and off.Your security cameras system will run 24/7. No activity will be missed. Smart CCTV cameras have features that automatically send you smartphone notifications to allow you to check what has been captured.


Criminal Identification


CCTV cameras allow the authorities to easier identify and catch burglars in the unfortunate event of a break in. you can send the captured footage to the police to assist in their investigation, drastically increasing the likelihood that they will catch the criminals at large.