Commonly Asked Home Security Questions from your Local Raleigh Locksmith

Here at DKNY Locksmith, Raleigh residential security is our bread and butter. We understand the in’s and out’s of every type of residential security issue out there in the field, and provide our customers with custom tailored solutions that tackle each one of the unique security variables that applies to their residential property. In this blog post, we’ll detail some common questions we receive about home security.

When should I change out my locks?

Locks should be changed when you move to a new home, or when you are suspicious that someone you don’t know or trust can access your home. If you think somebody else has a working key to your home. It’s a good idea to change your locks. We recommend rekeying your locks, a cheaper and effective way to change what keys work on your locks, without having to change the locks themselves.

Should I change locks after moving to a new home?

Absolutely – when you  move into a new home you need to replace all the locks – for safety and peace of mind.

What locks are the hardest to break into or bump?

The hardest locks to pick or bump are high security locks, commercial grade locks with 6 pin tumblers, and especially Grade 1 security locks.

How do I protect windows and make sure they are secure?

We recommend placing window sensors on first floor and basement level windows – the most common areas of windows that lead to break-ins. Sometimes it’s a good idea to attach glass break sensors or motion sensors that can detect people moving in a space at times you’re not home.

Are security company yard signs and window decals truly effective?

Yard signs are a fantastic deterrent for people passing by your home who may be scouting the area. Mock – or even better – real CCTV cameras are also a great deterrent. Decals are better close-up deterrents for those who may be truly targeting your home and closer to it. Place decals near the front door to remind potential criminals that the home is being monitored – as well as by window entry points, back doors, and garage windows.