New Home Burglaries

In this blog entry, the North Carolina residential lock installation and North Carolina residential security experts here at DKNY Locksmith will detail the facts to know about burglaries in brand new homes.

What are some basic statistics about home burglary that I should know?

There’s many essential burglary statistics to be aware of for safety, but here are some basics. To begin, luckily burglary is declining post pandemic, likely due to more use of smart locks and monitoring systems. A million burglaries happen every year in the United States, affecting around 5.8%of the population. The majority of burglaries happen in the United State’s Southern and Western regions.


What time do burglaries and home invasions occur most often?

The majority of burglaries and home invasions occur during the day between 10 AM and 3 PM.


What are some essential armed home invasion statistics?

The Bureau of Justice estimates that 30% of home invaders hold weapons, and only 7% of them become violent. There’s usually only 100 burglary associated with homicides a year, but it’s still a dangerous risk, meaning that it’s essential to outfit your property with durable, break-in resistant locks.


Is burglary much more likely to happen during the day?

The FBI estimates that around 27.7% of home burglaries happen at night, with 53% of home burglaries occurring in the daytime. More specific time statistics are currently unknown. Nonresidential burglary time statistics estimate that 40.9% happen at night, with 36.4% happening during the day?


Are home invasions common in the United States?

Home invasions are a bit different than burglaries. Home invasions involve people breaking into a home with the intent to commit different crimes ,while burglaries involve any illegal entrance and theft from your home. Home invasions occur at a rate of a million times a year in the United States.


What demographics are more vulnerable to burglary?

Single mothers are the most common victims of burglary. Homes with teenagers as heads of family are most likely to experience burglary, while people over 65 experience it the least. Rental properties tend to get robbed much more than single unit and 10+ unit homes when someone’s home ,while mobile homes and hotels are probably the most likely to be robbed when nobody is home. Locked apartments are only a tiny bit less likely to get robbed when people ARE home than mobile homes. It’s estimated that married couples with children are the least likely to experience a burglary.