Benefits of Duplicate Keys

While most people don’t think to duplicate their keys until they NEED to, here at DKNY Locksmith, we’re stolid believers in the usefulness of making spare key copies. By doing so, you can save yourself lots of stress in the event of lockouts, lost keys, or other situations. In this blog post, our emergency lockout experts will detail some of the most important benefits of duplicate keys.

Lockout Solutions

If you leave extra keys with friends, family, or at home, you can have a totally easy and quick solution if you find yourself experiencing a lockout. Duplicate keys are a fantastic way to plan ahead and make lockouts as short of predicaments as they can possibly be.

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys, you can find yourself stranded, inconvenience, and even in danger. This is especially bad when you don’t have spare keys. Rekeying your locks might prove expensive depending on what locks you have – although our expert locksmiths can easily do it for you affordably – so if you’ve lost your keys, it’s always best to simply rely on your key duplicates.

Easy Access for Friends or Others

If someone else needs access to your home – like if you have a friend staying over, or if a friend leaves something at your house. Duplicate keys allow this person to enter areas which you allow them to stay in without you needing to be present all the time. This is especially useful if you have friends visiting from out of town while you are at work!

Spare Keys During Road Trips

It’s always smart to keep spare car keys on your body during a road trip. This is a safety measure in case you accidentally lock your keys inside the car – especially if that’s done in a remote rest stop or other area in which your cell phone does not have reception. It’s super easy to lock your keys in the car after you’re tired from driving for a while, so by having spare car keys on hand, you can rest easy in knowing that this won’t happen to you.