Different Types of Lock Functionality

While there’s a massive variety of lock types as defined by mechanism, most laypeople have difficulty understanding these lock varieties as being separate or distinct categories. However, it’s much easier to understand these lock types when you define them based on functionality; in this blog post, the lock installation experts here at DKNY Locksmith will detail some of the different types of lock functionality.

Passage Locks

Passage locks are used in places where doors aren’t usually locked. Passage locks have no keyholes – and these locks are found in hall closets, pantries, supply rooms, bedroom closets, and other areas like this. They are simply meant to stop the door from swinging open on it’s own after the door is closed.

Privacy Locks

Privacy locks can be locked from the inside of a room, but don’t need a key to open them from the outside. They are usually used in bathrooms and bedrooms – or in commercial settings, inside the dressing room doors. They are meant to provide privacy, but can also be easily bypassed in case somebody needs to get inside during an emergency. They are usually locked with a thumb turn or a push button / turn. Some privacy locks, especially those in bathrooms, have an indicator to show if it’s locked or unlocked.

Storeroom Locks

Storeroom locks are utilized when the door needs to be locked at all times, and require a key to unlock or open the door. THe door cannot be locked or unlocked from the inside, and it automatically locks when the door is closed – it can always be opened from the inside. These are seen mostly commercially in order to secure storage rooms, mechanical rooms, and electric rooms – basically, areas which you want to restrict, but not allow someone to be locked in. These doors are mostly fit with door closers to ensure that the door won’t be left open.

Entrance Locks

These locks are controlled with a key from the outside, or by a thumbturn, key, or push button on the inside. This allows people to lock the door from the inside, or keep it unlocked so that people can easily enter from outside. These locks are used in areas where unauthorized access isn’t a worry the majority of the time – like in offices!