Increasing Security at Older Properties

In this blog entry, the professional residential lock installation and emergency residential locksmith service team here at DKNY Locksmith will detail some useful tips for increasing the level of security at your older property.

Always Locking the Door

Make sure your door is always unlocked. Many people forget to lock their doors. Consider that outdated locks might be too worn out to work. If your lock is old enough that you suspect – or know – that it isn’t working properly, contact DKNY Locksmith for lock replacement service.


Concealing Valuables

We recommend hiding valuables out of sight of street view, to avoid tempting criminals to break into your home to steal visible enticing luxuries or electronics. Keep your windows locked, and draw curtains at night, especially if you live in an area that allows your home to be peered into from the street. It’s essential to keep your valuable possessions out of site of passerby


Tech Upgrades

We recommend high tech security upgrades to older homes. Consider installing window sensors, smart cameras, smart lights, and alarm systems. Smart doorbells are recommended, as well as smart CCTV security cameras.


Door and WIndow Replacement

Older properties that have their original windows and doors might have weaker security than properties with new doors or windows. By upgrading your windows and doors to solid and sturdy modern models – ideally protected with high security locks – you can drastically increase the security levels at your holder home.