Moving Security Tips

Moving to a new home is exciting – but also associated with a whole range of security issues. Intelligent burglars understand how they can exploit a moving situation, as households or businesses experiencing the transition of moving are often vulnerable to crime. Here’s a guide from the residential security experts here at DKNY Locksmith on some security tips for when you’re moving.

Keeping your Property Safe when Moving

  • Stay aware of any suspicious people monitoring your activities or watching your possessions.
  • Try to keep your windows and doors locked as much as possible.
  • Have the locks at your new home re-keyed, or even changed to a sturdier new lock, ideally a high quality deadbolt.
  • Hire a locksmith to do this before your moving day.
  • Don’t leave expensive equipment out in the open – this includes TVs, computers, appliances, jewelry, art, and much more.
  • Keep blinds closed when packing and unpacking to avoid tempting burglars.
  • Always keep your home alarm activated.

Making your New Home Safe

Make sure to use professional movers who can ensure that all of your belongings will arrive safe and sound at your new property. Make sure to have a high quality security alarm installed at your new home before you arrive- if you don’t know what kind of alarm is best for your needs, ask a trusted professional locksmith. It’s vital that the alarm is installed properly. Make sure to change the locks on your garage door, entrance gate, and all exterior entrance ways and windows on your home. Also, meet your neighbors and introduce yourself!