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How the Most Common Door Locks Function

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There’s countless types of lock types that are commonly used today – some of which are based on incredibly ancient technology. Since door locks were built in ancient Egypt millenia ago, they have evolved exponentially – however they usually operate according to the same basic principals. Here’s a guide to how the most common door locks function, as prepared by the expert door lock installation team here at DKNY Locksmith.


How to Prevent Home Lockouts

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Getting locked out of your home is terrible. There’s no debate about it. Not only can lockouts pose a major inconvenience for your schedule, potentially delaying your to-do list for hours, they can actually pose a major safety and security risk – especially when locked outside at home at night, or worse, in freezing or wet temperatures. Here’s a guide from the lockout and security experts at DKNY Locksmith on how to never get locked outside of your home again.